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Taishi-Tech Industries Sdn. Bhd.

TAISHI was established in 1993 with a production plant in Batu Pahat, Johor producing the Solid Surface Material for use as kitchen countertops.

In 2011, TAISHI expanded its business by setting up another production plant, introducing NAXOS® high gloss laminated panel into the component making industry for applications in the furniture industry, eg. kitchen cabinet doors, bedroom wardrobe doors, TV consoles, living room decorative panelling, and backsplashes.

With reputed market standing, TAISHI, in mid 2017 was able to collaborate with a well-known Italian company, N-Veneer S.p.A, to present N-Veneer as the latest generation of veneer, an evolution high quality, eco-friendly material, adding on to the existing high gloss and super matt acrylic materials marketed under the Naxos Brand.


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Cemento Concrete Panel

  • Industrial concrete slab with realistic cement look.
  • Customizable steel bar hole position to suits wall condition.
  • Forget about heavy & wet works. Go for time-saving & quality oriented material.
  • Available in fullboard size ranges from 4'x8' & 4'x10'.
  • This material can be constructed to custom size to fits any area.
  • Thickness comes in various size ranges from 15mm - 18mm.
Product Type Panel


  • Unique matched-up originated from Nveneer into various design
  • One of the signature design using selected color code.
  • Available size for each piece in 16"x16" in a pack of 4pcs
  • Customizable sizes for built-in cabinet is available.
  • Various thickness to choose from 15mm - 18mm according to your needs.
Product Type Wall

Drawer Dresser

  • Rustic appearance using darker wood tone and paired with classic metal handle brings the contemporary style of storage cabinet to a clean & smooth expression.
  • Classy 6 drawers storage unit allows to store plenty of items and easy-slide drawer gives effortless open & close action.
  • A close-to-heart invention such as raise-up edge prevents belongings or item from dropping off.
  • Custom made is available
Dimensions W1000XD400XH700mm
Product Type Furniture


  • A mastery match of marble and wood veneer series enhanced the contemporary style.
  • It combines with swing door and easy-slide drawer in sleek,straight lines with smooth surfaces.
  • It creates an uncluttered look and color schemes. The rustic design contrast both beauty of veneer and marble series.
  • Custom made is available
Dimensions W1650XD500XH720mm
Product Type Furniture

Fluted Panel

  • Pore-Synchronized design from real solid timber material.
  • Enhanced carpentry works that saves time & reduces labour intensive situation.
  • Organized arrangement that even "Do-it-yourself" (DIY) brings the same result as professionals.
  • Available in 8ft & 10ft height that suits normal ceiling condition.
Product Type Panel


  • Aesthetic veneer grain in combination with marble series creates another level of contemporary style.
  • Separate compartments allows easy access to garments and other accessories.
  • Custom made is available
Dimensions W1150XD500XH1800mm
Product Type Furniture

High Gloss Acrylic Panel

  • Pure acrylic with high reflective level that almost equivalent as mirror effect.
  • European Standards quality collaborate with German technology and laminate using PUR glue that gives user a peace of mind.
  • Seamless edging closed up the gap as if it is one piece.
  • Material range : High gloss /matte finish
  • Available in full board size of 4ft x 8ft
Product Type Panel


  • Contemporary design with melamine board matches with wood veneer that suits for modern & gives you warm environment
  • Sturdy melamine material for better durability
  • Standard size that allows to be placed in study room & living hall
  • Wood veneer material with wood grain effect
  • Stylish swing door with unique open concept handle
  • Open shelves allows easy access on the item inside
  • Hidden screws makes the outlook neat
  • Custom made is available
Dimensions W600XD290XH600 mm
Product Type Furniture


  • Mixed with modern and Scandinavian design concept
  • Two (2) swing door in matte finished matches with Two (2) wood-veneer pull-out drawer and metal leg support
  • Clothes hanging compartment divided into 2 parts for easy access to different types of garments
  • Custom made is available
Dimensions W900XD515XH1810 mm
Product Type Furniture


  • Vantage wood-veneer effect with convenience drawer and open shelf concept for easy access of item
  • Raised-up panel to prevent things falling off
  • Sturdy material matches with real veneer effect
  • Suits most bedroom with compact size design
  • Custom made is available
Dimensions W350XD405XH565mm
Product Type Furniture


  • Engineered veneer that its woodgrain follows the real wood veneer grain without iteration patterns quality.
  • Applicable to: Wall cladding, feature wall, self-construct furniture & etc.
  • Can be transformed to fluted panel, diamond panel, Herringbone, customized or modular kitchen carcass.
  • Available in full board size of 4ft x 8ft and 4ft x 10ft. Also available in rolled foil or laminated on 3mm plywood for better and consistent
Product Type Engineered veneer


  • Minimalism style of TV console in-pairing with wood veneer gives a simple lines, clean & maintain functionality.
  • Leg support comes in metal steel in matt black gives a perfect combination of Minimalist style.
  • Custom made is available
Dimensions W2000XD500XH450mm
Product Type Furniture


  • Scandinavian design in light toned veneer look. It gives a minimalist design yet does not sacrificed its functionality.
  • Comes in 2 swing door leaf pairing with easy-slide drawer.
  • Leg support constructed in mild steel black matt finishes.
  • Custom made is available
Dimensions W1000XD500XH1770 mm
Product Type Furniture


  • Stylish open-shelves concept matches with high gloss acrylic effect
  • 2 levels shelves practically saves space and easy access to item
  • Produced with sturdy material and seamless edging technology
  • Modern compact size allows to be sofa side table or coffee table in any places
  • Custom made is available
Dimensions W446XD446XH524mm
Product Type Furniture


  • Compact yet modern design
  • Unique interchangeable door position for easy access
  • Scandivanian concept matches with wood-veneer effect
  • Custom made is available
Dimensions W600XD450XH450mm
Product Type Furniture