TimbeReality: The Next Dimension

TimbeReality About

TimbeReality is an exquisite 360° virtual gallery for Malaysian timber and furniture products. The comprehensive hub highlights Malaysian timber products – its design, its grains, its colour, its look – in near real life with 360° virtual reality experience.

In light of the digital revolution amidst and beyond the pandemic, the timber industry has to embrace new technology to achieve business growth and stability. As the world’s leading producer and exporter of timber products, Malaysia must remain at the forefront of these changes.

Bringing wood to web to world, this leading-edge initiative by Malaysian Timber Council aims to bring the nation’s timber industry into the next dimension. It serves as the bridge between its association members, investors, manufacturers and consumers in a global timber market.

TimbeReality is envisioned to uplift the industry with greater trade opportunities, increased awareness for Malaysian timber products, market access and a competitive edge. Industry players can create awareness and demand for their timber products through the hub. Meanwhile, stakeholders and buyers from across the globe can be connected to our esteemed local suppliers, and discover high-quality products made from Malaysian timber.

We welcome you to the next dimension.


TimbeReality Inspiration

Timber strikes a balance between the natural and modern world. Inspired by the Malaysian rainforest, our virtual hub extends up to four floors of showrooms. A woodwork canopy welcomes sunlight and lush greenery into the virtual space. With a combination of contemporary and Malaysian elements, TimbeReality honours our nation’s vision for the sustainable development of the timber industry.


TimbeReality Logo

TimbeReality logo draws on the simple beauty of tree rings, symbolising a connection with nature and the growth of the timber industry. Geometric forms represent the next dimension. Harmonious green tones and thoughtful forms express the industry’s multicultural identity, united within the Malaysian Timber Council.


TimbeReality Tagline

‘The Next Dimension’ embodies the vision of TimbeReality: to help Malaysian timber industry players become digitally ready in a fast-changing world.